The Company

Mission Statement

Innovate the way entertainment is made and played.

Core Tenets Agility - we bravely design, test, and modify our products and business structure to quickly iterate and exploit opportunities.

Transparency - we plan on exposing all of our data and process that do not directly compromise strategic advantages. This includes exposing our time tracking, tasks, planning session notes, and concept art. This will not include financial statements or other things members strongly feel should be confidential.

Leanness - we believe in keeping a small team size, keeping remote operations with bare-bone assets, and blending wages with contribution payments based on profits.

The Plan Our Business: Service -> Entertainment -> Video Games Our First Product: Service -> Entertainment -> Video Games -> PC -> Hardcore Market

The First Product
Utilize a world class development platform:
Use the world’s leading distribution channel for PC Titles:
Product differentiation through:
  • Empowering the player
  • Player feedback loops
  • Novel community building
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