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The Team

Manager and Developer
Ian LaBrie
The field of video game entertainment is the most exciting and interesting business to be a part of. The need for constant innovation and creativity is such a fuel of motivation and passion. 

I look forward to being bold and finding new ways to engage and astound gamers. I admire studios that have pioneered new frontiers in entertainment, and I aspire to break new ground beyond them.

I'm currently located in New Jersey, but am fond of Massachusetts. Bachelors in Computer Science and Masters in Project Management. Worked as a programmer at Verizon Wireless and had several different roles at the video game company Turbine, including Level Designer and QA Tools Lead.

Researcher and Developer

Adam Maier
I never know what to write in a bio...

I guess it all depends on who you are and why you're reading this. The only usable answer is that you're someone interested in the company and the people behind it... That's not very helpful of you.

I like the strange and unusual, the new and mysterious, and just about anything that strikes a chord. In game development I strive to create an authentic connection to the player and evoke powerful emotions.

I hope one day my games will change lives for the better.

Russ Freitag
My goal in life has always been to enjoy living and love what I am doing; I must be able to achieve this while still holding onto my unique personality. I feel the quote “I will grow older and Wiser, but never grow up,” applies to me very well. This is one of the reasons that I have found gaming to be such a rewarding profession.

Throughout my time in college I never once looked back and thought to myself that this was not for me. I felt like I was playing instead of learning, but looking back and talking to people I have come to realize how much I actually learned. This is exactly the kind of environment that suits me and I am looking forward to continuing my professional career.
I am looking forward to this new endeavor in N-Logic and am looking to the future while still being able to hold onto who I am.      

Patrick French
I'm completely new at this, which might seem like a strange kind of downer to open up with. Actually to me it's not. I've always been attracted to art and design, and see this as an opportunity to get into something new and personally rewarding. Motivating myself to better learn an art form while working and producing with others simply can't be a bad call.

The idea of creating imagery can move a concept from mind to another with all the nuances in tack, or inspire the imaginations of others to go beyond what you present them is just a really awesome idea. Digital art specifically has the allure of endless possibilities, there are no restrictions with this medium, no limit to it's applications, or type of audience you may reach. It's all what you want to do. It is a mindset I want to carry with me through all my work and learning, whether it be a piece of concept art shaping the future of the games overall look, or just making icons and logos that subtly reinforces a motif.